Mary Elisabeth

on Fridays I burn my fears…


Despite my effort to participate in the YourTurnChallenge, a challenge to write and publish every day for seven consecutive days, I didn’t write and publish yesterday.  

I could list a dozen excuses as to why I didn’t write or publish yesterday – the 17 hours I was spending doing other things that seemed more important at the time.  And the fact that when I did have a few minutes I could have spent writing, I was tired or not in the writing mood.  It doesn’t matter though.  At the end of the day I didn’t write, I didn’t publish.  It doesn’t matter why not.  It didn’t happen and that’s the bottom line.

We create excuses for a lot of things in life.  Excuses as to why we didn’t do something we wanted to or for making “mistakes”, for missing appointments or canceling appointments.  

Why do we make excuses?  Is it out of laziness?  Failure to prioritize?  or misunderstanding of what’s important?  Or is our subconscious telling us that we really don’t want to spend time doing whatever we are making an excuse about.  Maybe if we were more thoughtful about our commitments and other decisions we wouldn’t need to make excuses.

Maybe it’s time we take a hard look at the excuses we make and why we make them.  And carefully consider the commitments we make to others and ourselves, so that we don’t put ourselves in positions where excuses feel necessary.

<3 mel