Life's tough. Wear a helmet.

Life’s tough. Wear a helmet.

Hi – I’m Mary Elisabeth, you can call me Mel.  I started my blog,, as a way to record and share my life ventures.

Most of my ventures are related to food, tech, health, wellness, fitness,, improv, entrepreneurship, & traveling, but I’m always looking to try new things.

These days you’ll find me farming with Farmlycooking up clean gelato recipes for Iorio’s Gelateria, sharing wisdom in my book, and improvising with Improv4.


Some of my past & present ventures include:

10 days in Patagonia, Chile

Improv training at The Second City

Derby enthusiast in Drew Barrymore’s film “Whip It!”

Jill of all trades at RPM Ventures – hands on, early stage venture capital

Estudiante de espanol y italiano

you’re likely to spot me at food shows & tech related events from mobile to electric cars

collecting real flair & sharing virtual flair at

living the sweet life at Iorio’s Gelateria

playing cards on the beach at the Black Sea

raising millions of dollars to help Michigan companies enter new markets

convincing people to buy apparel made with organic cotton.  do you know about the insecticides used in cotton growing?

figuring out the voluntary carbon market

getting 1,000 lb animals to do what I want (aka horseback riding)

running hundreds of miles to prepare for a 13.1 mile race

singing opera monologues

climbing fake rocks

connecting people

singing karaoke, making friends with locals, sailing, ziplining, snorkeling, peeing in sacred water in the Maya Riviera in Mexico

**The views reflected on my website are my own and do not represent any company I am affiliated with.

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