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on Fridays I burn my fears…

Today I wrote a poem

Today I wrote a poem
because I felt like rhyming
Something about words
made artful using timing.

Maybe it was emotion
or maybe it was drive
that inspired my inner poet
to reach out & come alive.

No matter the source
whatever the tale
this poem is about nothing
except my need to derail.

When paper put to pen
or fingers to keyboard
nothing holds us back
except the eastern seaboard.

This may not make sense
the words don’t always fit
That’s why I’ll make this stanza
the end of it!

<3 mel

“50 Shades of Grey” Soundtrack


**I wrote this article over two years ago and kept it in my “drafts” folder.  I only recently rediscovered it and it seems even more relevant now considering the upcoming film**
Dear person choosing the music for the upcoming feature film, “50 Shades of Grey”,
I will make your life easier.  Here are the musical numbers to include in the movie.  For some of them I even included which scene to play the song during.  Otherwise, be creative!
  • “I Knew You Were Trouble” – Taylor Swift
  • “Treacherous” – Taylor Swift
  • “I Won’t Give Up” – Jason Mraz
  • “Unstoppable” – The Calling
  • “Crash into Me” – Dave Matthews Band
  • “Stay Awhile” – Ryan Star
  • “We Found Love” – Rihanna
  • “Kiss Me” – Sixpence None the Richer
  • “Your Body is a Wonderland” – John Mayer
  • “Whistle” – Flo Rida
  • “Wanted” – Hunter Hayes
  • “Hello” – Karmin
  • “Hurt Me Tomorrow” – KNAAN
  • “Amazed” – Lonestar
  • “Break Me Shake Me” – Savage Garden
  • “Universe” – Savage Garden
  • “Love the One You’re With” – Stephen Stills
  • “Can’t FIght This Feeling” – REO Speedwagon
  • “I Like It” – Enrique Iglesias
  • “Scream” – Usher
  • “In the Dark” – Dev
  • “ET” – Katy Perry ft Kanye West
  • “Girl” – OTown
  • “Every 6 Seconds” – OTown
  • “Liquid Dreams” – OTown
  • “Bring Me Under” – OTown
  • “Wild Ones” – Flo Rida ft. Sia
  • “Moves Like Jagger” – Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera
  • “Everybody Talks” – Neon Trees
  • “It’s Time” – Imagine Dragons
  • “Billionaire” – Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars
  • “Jump Into the Fog” – The Wombats
  • “Don’t Wake Me Up” – Chris Brown
  • “What Makes You Beautiful” – One Direction
  • “Feel So Close” – Calvin Harris
  • “Paralyzer” – Finger Eleven
  • “Blog Me” – Pink
  • “Long Time” – Cake
  • “Kandi” – One Eskimo
  • “Fix You” – Coldplay (when Ana knows about Christian’s baggage & realizes she is fixing him)
  • “Save Your Scissors” – City and Colour
  • “Imma Be” – The Black Eyed Peas
  • “Dark Side” – Kelly Clarkston
  • “Lost in You” – Three Days Grace
  • “One More Night” – Maroon 5
  • “Stolen” – Dashboard Confessional (when Christian sees Ana dressed up for his parents’ ball)
  • “I’m Yours” – Jason Mraz
  • “Just the Way You Are” – Bruno Mars
  • “Feel Again” – One Republic
  • “Bad for Me” – Megan & Liz
  • “Finally Found You” – Enrique Iglesias
  • “Closer to Love” – Mat Kearney
  • “Possession” – Sarah McLaughlin
  • “Let Me Love You” – Ne-Yo
  • “I’ll Be” – Edwin McCain
  • “Crazy For This Girl” – Evan and Jaron
  • “Breathless” – The Corrs (during the gliding or sailing)
  • “Locked Out of Heaven” – Bruno Mars

<3 mel

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Zucchini Bread Dream

Whenever I eat late at night, & soon before I go to bed, I end up having strange dreams.  A couple nights ago after dinner I stuck my zucchini breads back in the oven because using a piece of zucchini to separate the chocolate from the plain bread kept the middle of the bread too moist.  Then of course I needed to taste the bread to make sure it was ready.  Then I went to bed an hour later, my stomach still digesting the tasty chocolate & zucchini deliciousness.

So I shouldn’t be surprised at the strange dream that resulted…& this is just the one I remember…

I was at Zingerman’s Deli, getting something for dinner.  They messed up my order (this does happen in reality), giving me a sandwich instead of the salad I ordered (this particular mess up has not ever happened to me, yet).  Instead of letting them fix it & make me something else, I decided to leave to go elsewhere.  I ran into my friend Josh & at the Food Coop / Cafe Verde,just a couple blocks from Zingerman’s Deli, I asked Josh if he wanted to try the zucchini bread I made.

 I told him that it was paleo & didn’t have refined sugar (because it was sweetened with dates) & he say that he would save a piece for later.  Meanwhile, we were standing in line at the Cafe Verde & when Josh got to the front of the line Mariah Careyshowed up behind the counter & Josh was all of a sudden this lucky winner of some dessert from Mariah Carey.  Weird & completely random.  

After that whole ordeal with Mariah Carey & the content winning, Josh & I walked out & I started walking toward the University of Michigan campus.  It was dark, though it didn’t seem that late.  I wasn’t sure of where I was walking to.  I didn’t have a place to live, so my walking was essentially aimless.

Then I woke up.

Dreams are so interesting to me.  Especially when I can actually remember them.  This dream clearly was a zucchini bread dream…heck, my zucchini bread even made its way into the dream!  I’m not sure where Mariah Carey came from, but other than that aspect of the dream, everything else I can see where it came from – Zingerman’s, the Co-Op / Cafe Verde, not having a place to live, the zucchini bread – all explainable.

I guess that’s why they’re dreams though.  Not everything in them is supposed to make perfect sense.

Venture on,

mel, the venture gal

Zucchini Breads [Paleo] Recipe

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