Mary Elisabeth

on Fridays I burn my fears…

Today I wrote a poem

Today I wrote a poem
because I felt like rhyming
Something about words
made artful using timing.

Maybe it was emotion
or maybe it was drive
that inspired my inner poet
to reach out & come alive.

No matter the source
whatever the tale
this poem is about nothing
except my need to derail.

When paper put to pen
or fingers to keyboard
nothing holds us back
except the eastern seaboard.

This may not make sense
the words don’t always fit
That’s why I’ll make this stanza
the end of it!

<3 mel

Bedtime Jokes

Tell me a joke before bed. I’m sure the laughter will spread…good vibes through my sheets & my dreams they will meet…if you tell me a joke before bed.

I don’t need a bedtime story. I’d rather laugh than hear something gory. Laughter from me will evoke…if you tell me a bedtime joke.

You make me smile, so stay for awhile. I don’t want you to leave, because I believe…you turn my frown upside down…with a simple joke, about a dog that is broke.  You like to make me smile & I’m comforted all the while.  So please don’t go…because the worst response to a joke is no.


Wisdom for your Friday the 13th

“I am strong because I am weak

I am beautiful because I know my flaws

I am a lover because I am a fighter

I am fearless because I have been afraid

I am wise because I have been foolish

…and I can laugh because I have known sadness.”

I can’t claim credit for this poem, but I love it! I’m not sure who wrote it. It was shared to me by my Mom. Thanks Mom!

Have a great Friday the 13th!

mel, the venture gal

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