Mary Elisabeth

on Fridays I burn my fears…

Today I wrote a poem

Today I wrote a poem
because I felt like rhyming
Something about words
made artful using timing.

Maybe it was emotion
or maybe it was drive
that inspired my inner poet
to reach out & come alive.

No matter the source
whatever the tale
this poem is about nothing
except my need to derail.

When paper put to pen
or fingers to keyboard
nothing holds us back
except the eastern seaboard.

This may not make sense
the words don’t always fit
That’s why I’ll make this stanza
the end of it!

<3 mel

Story of Sensitivity

I was an ultra sensitive child.  One time my mom said “Mary, don’t/stop” with a slightly raised voice tone & I broke down in tears, sobbing, fallen on the floor. I was 2 years old.

Today, I still consider myself a sensitive person.  I care.  And because all qualities deserve a poem, here it is:

Starting when I was a young child, I was ultra sensitive
Each time my mom said “Mary, don’t” or “Mary, stop” with a slightly raised voice tone, I broke down in tears
Nearly convulsing, I would fall to the floor, sobbing, upset
So what, I was 2 year old…
Isn’t that what you expect of someone so young & new to the world?
Take a leap forward in time to today
I still am a very sensitive person
Very often I bottle up my emotions, capturing my sensitivity
Emotions are better left spoken, though, so I have learned.

Venture on,

mel, the Venture Gal


jaded & confused
what do I have to lose?
no risk means no reward
end with no glory to hoard

nothing is exciting
everything has holes
working without passion
analogous to selling souls

what is real
what is true
I’m not sure
I know what to do

jaded & confused
I have everything to lose
my dignity, strength, passion, hope
I feel like such a dope

maybe I should find
what’s real in my own mind
why do I really care?
rather than blankly stare

when I find what is right
what is true
then I will know
that’s what I should do

Venture on,

mel, the Venture Gal

Bedtime Jokes

Tell me a joke before bed. I’m sure the laughter will spread…good vibes through my sheets & my dreams they will meet…if you tell me a joke before bed.

I don’t need a bedtime story. I’d rather laugh than hear something gory. Laughter from me will evoke…if you tell me a bedtime joke.

You make me smile, so stay for awhile. I don’t want you to leave, because I believe…you turn my frown upside down…with a simple joke, about a dog that is broke.  You like to make me smile & I’m comforted all the while.  So please don’t go…because the worst response to a joke is no.


Weddings & Beaches

Weddings are fun

so is the sun

Today friends got married

tomorrow my toes will be buried

in the sand by the ocean

me & my suntan lotion

will go to the beach!


Authentic Self

If I were 100% honest with myself
what would I say?

Would I tell people how I really feel
instead of waiting for another day?

Would I cry when I feel sad
and smile when I am glad?

Would I eat what I truly enjoy
and still avoid dairy, wheat, corn, and soy?

If 100% honesty was all I knew
what would I say and what would I do?

Would I leave this place
in search of another space?

Would I change my friends
so that none are pretend?

Would I pursue my dream job
rather than work for the man Bob?

It would be interesting to see
who I would be

Because beneath all the filters
I still am me!

venture on,

mel, the venture gal